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New Patients

Welcome to Younis Chiropractic & Wellness Center, where you’ll experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is also fresh and contemporary. The pleasant and comfortable environment, complete with plenty of windows, makes for an ideal place to begin your healing journey.

Your First Visit

After being warmly greeted, you’ll be asked to complete some intake forms. Here’s what you can expect next:

  • A consultation. Dr. Younis will challenge you to think more about why you are where you are regarding your health. “It’s important for us to change the mindset of every patient to go from just wanting their problem to be fixed to understanding that health is much more than that,” he says.
  • An exam. Dr. Younis will evaluate your spine, and run a scan with the substation.
  • An adjustment may or may not be given at this visit.

Before you leave, you’ll schedule your next appointment, which is the report of findings visit. This appointment takes about 45 minutes.


Your Second Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Younis will review the scan results and explain them in simple terms. He will provide a chiropractic adjustment and outline your treatment plan and his recommendations. Financial issues will be discussed. Please note that we are now a cash practice, though if you have used insurance with us before please let us know.

This visit also takes about 45 minutes.

Regular Visits

We value your time, so your regular visits will take only about five minutes.


Take that first step toward better health by contacting the practice today to schedule an appointment!


New Patient Center | (847) 550-4699