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About Us

The Importance of Family

Providing comprehensive chiropractic care to families and individuals in our community for over 35 years. After graduating from New York Chiropractic College in December 1981, Dr. Younis immediately joined a practice in January 1982, in New Jersey where he spent two years “learning the ropes”. It was also a significant and life changing time when he met the woman he would spend his life with! In 1984 he opened his first practice in northern New Jersey, and would be married! After living in New Jersey for two more years, they felt the urging to move to Illinois so that they could be closer to his wife’s family who had relocated from New Jersey to Illinois years earlier.

Scouting out Chicago and the suburbs was a daunting task. But ultimately with his wife Carol’s prompting they knew that Lake Zurich, a quiet little town of 4,500 people, “felt right”! In June 1986 they opened their practice. “Having come from a very densely populated and urban area like north Jersey I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere”, Dr. Younis recalls. But then I knew better than to question a woman’s intuition! And so it began this is where they would plant roots, raise a family and start the journey.

Experience the Difference Between Real Health and Chasing Symptoms!

In a world where healthcare has become “BIG Business” we are bombarded on a daily basis with ads from pharmaceutical companies promising relief or a “cure” for every malady known to man. Cancer hospitals and programs abound! Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, irritable bowel syndromecolitis have become so commonplace that if you are someone who is healthynormal you are the exception, one of the lucky ones, or so they would have you think, to have good health!

We know that real health is a process throughout your entire life. We are not static beings! Your health throughout your life, you are either functioning at a very healthy state or a not so healthy state or somewhere in between. Essentially true health is about how well you function. No matter where you are at, we will always encourage and support you. Your health goals matter, your participation is necessary in your endeavor to get and stay healthy. Give us an call today and experience how chiropractic can improve the quality of your life!

Providing Care for All Ages

We are all about families and providing care for all ages. While our emphasis is on pediatric and family care, we welcome patients of all ages. Healthy kids and parents make healthy families! We want people of all ages to experience peak health that comes with a properly functioning nervous system. While eating cleaning and exercising are critical pieces of the wellness puzzle, having a healthy, functioning nervous system is essential if you want to enjoy optimal health.

So if your child is dealing with ADD, ADHD, autism, Sensory processing disorder, colic, asthma, allergies, or ear infections we are the practice for you. Unfortunately young parents today are dealing with these health issues more now than ever before. It is so frustrating for us to see that while the incidence of these problems has risen dramatically over the past 20 years, the best that conventional medicine has to offer is more harmful drugs and antibiotics.

Experience your best health with natural chiropractic care. Contact our chiropractic care center today to schedule a convenient Saturday or same-day appointment!


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